Best Graphics card under 30000

Best Graphics Card Under 30000 in India (2024)

In today’s era, Whether you are a working professional, gamer, or content creator, having a powerful PC is very essential. So one of the 3 main components of a PC is the graphics card. Especially if you are a gamer, content creator, or video editor, your main focus should remain on graphics cards. Now with a budget of 30000rs, you’ll mainly find RTX 3060, RTX 4060 or RTX 3050. AMD

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SSD Buying Guide: 2024

SSD Buying Guide: Everything you need to know before buying an SSD in 2024.

Today if someone is building a PC or upgrading their old PC, then generally main focus goes behind, a powerful CPU, a large amount of RAM, a solid Graphics card, a premium motherboard. We often left storage for the last. Again if someone is tight on budget, they often made their compromise on storage. But wait! don’t you think that we are neglecting one of the key component. Where are

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Best 4k Monitor Under 30000 in India (2024)

So finally you are done with a brand new PC build, now it’s time for an exclusive monitor. Or maybe you are about to upgrade your old monitor. Now 30000 budget is sufficient to add a powerful monitor, to your lineup. Also, you’ll find a lot of different options with their unique use cases. Maybe your priority is gaming, editing, streaming, coding, graphics designing, rendering, or maybe something else. So

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Best Processor Under 15000 in India (2024)

If you are planning for a PC build then, you must know that the most important component will be your CPU. CPU is the brain of a PC, so choosing the best processor is very necessary. Now the two well-known processor brands are Intel and AMD. Both have their requirements. Now with tons of options available in this price range with so many generations, it can be a little confusing

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Best Motherboard for Gaming Under 5000 in India (2024)

If you are planning for a PC Build then you are probably thinking about picking the best processor, best RAM combo, and best graphics card. Then you often tend to cut down prices on the motherboard. But undoubtedly Motherboard is the most important component of a PC Build. It combines all the components to work in sync. So if you make a mistake in picking a motherboard, your whole PC

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Best Graphics Card Under 20000 in India (2024)

If you are planning to build a gaming pc, or a pc which can handle heavy task like 4k video editing, 3d modeling or any graphics intensive work, then you might know that a graphics card is most important thing you should consider. The in-Built GPUs are good for only normal usage but not for graphics related work. Now if you are planning to go for gaming laptops, you might

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