RTX 4070 vs RTX 4080

RTX 4070 vs 4080 laptop: Best Laptop GPU to consider in 2024

RTX 40 series laptops have been debate for a long time, among midrange buyers. Whether you should buy an RTX 4060, or RTX 4070, or maybe invest a little more for an RTX 4080. Previously we have compared the RTX 4060 vs the RTX 4070 laptop, and the results are quite surprising. Although RTX 4070 offers, 15-20% more performance, the RTX 4060 offers more value for money. Now a very

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SSD Buying Guide: 2024

SSD Buying Guide: Everything you need to know before buying an SSD in 2024.

Today if someone is building a PC or upgrading their old PC, then generally main focus goes behind, a powerful CPU, a large amount of RAM, a solid Graphics card, a premium motherboard. We often left storage for the last. Again if someone is tight on budget, they often made their compromise on storage. But wait! don’t you think that we are neglecting one of the key component. Where are

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Is 4GB Graphics card enough for Gaming in 2024?

In 2024 if you’re looking for a gaming laptop around 50-70k ($600-$900), then you probably have noticed that GTX 1650 and RTX 3050 are the only GPUs that are available. Both of them come with 4GB GDDR6 VRAM. Now all the latest titles (Released less than 1 year ago) are quite heavy and require a powerful system. So a question arises among us “Is 4GB graphics card enough for gaming

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Do You Need a Dedicated GPU for Video Editing in 2024?

We’re surrounded by multimedia, It’s everywhere. Videography is one of the main component of it. We can’t imagine our modern era, without video. From short form videos like, Youtube-shorts, Instagram-reels, to polished movie production, the demand of edited video is undeniable. It has almost become a medium of universal communication and entertainment. Also tools like, Filmora, Premiere pro, Da-Vinci, has became more accessible. Now a popular question arises, among the

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Best Laptop For Video Editing Under 70000 in India (2024)

Do you know video editors are often called “Time travelers”? They have the unique ability to bend and shape time. They spend hours spending over minute details, examining scenes frame by frame. Well if you are one of them, or maybe you’re aspiring to be like them, then having capable laptop is a must. Now a budget of 70k is sufficient for a good laptop, but at the same time

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Best 4k Monitor Under 30000 in India (2024)

So finally you are done with a brand new PC build, now it’s time for an exclusive monitor. Or maybe you are about to upgrade your old monitor. Now 30000 budget is sufficient to add a powerful monitor, to your lineup. Also, you’ll find a lot of different options with their unique use cases. Maybe your priority is gaming, editing, streaming, coding, graphics designing, rendering, or maybe something else. So

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