RTX 4050 vs RTX 3060 Laptop. Which one is worth buying in 2024?

Hi there! If you are planning to buy a gaming laptop and have a budget of around ₹1 Lakh or 1200$, Then you should have faced the similar kind of issue, “RTX 4050 vs RTX 3060 laptop which should I buy?”. RTX 3060 was released back in 2021 and it made a great impact in the market as it came as the replacement of GTX 1060. Where as RTX 4050 was launched in Feb 2023. Now if you search gaming test or benchmark comparisons of both, you will become confused as both of them has almost neck to neck comparison. So in this article we will explain which GPU will suit the best for you in 2024 .

RTX 4050 vs RTX 3060 laptop (Side by side Comparison)

RTX 4050 mobile GPU RTX 3060 mobile GPU
Memory: 6GBMemory: 6GB
Memory Type: GDDR6Memory Type: GDDR6
VRAM speed: 2000 MHzVRAM speed: 1750 MHz
Process Size: 5 nm (Lower is better)Process Size: 8 nm
DirectX: 12 UltimateDirectX: 12 Ultimate
Base Clock: 1455 MHzBase Clock: 900 MHz
Boost Clock: 1755 MHzBoost Clock: 1425 MHz
TDP: 50 WTDP: 80 W
Wattage: 35-115 WWattage: 60-150 W
Shading Units: 2560Shading Units: 3840
Tensor Cores: 80Tensor Cores: 120
❏Raytracing Cores: 20Raytracing Cores: 30
If we talk at the Hardware level, RTX 3060 has 50% more CUDA, Tensor & Ray-Tracing cores. Generally Tensor cores work on the AI or Deep learning part. In RTX 4060 you will find better Ray-tracing than RTX 3060. RTX 4050 comes with the Frame generation support which is not available in RTX 3060 (Frame Generation creates artificial frames between two existing frame to reduce lag and boost frame rates). RTX 4050 offers the support of upgraded DLSS 3 where as RTX 3060 offers DLSS 2, DLSS feature generally boosts the framerate (DLSS 3 is an upgraded version of DLSS 2).

Now to be clear We have taken RTX 4050 and RTX 3060 of the same TGP. We tested 20 Modern Titles on the same settings and found that RTX 3060 performs better than RTX 4050 by 8-9%. But if we turn on the DLSS support on both, the scenario get completely changed. In 1080p level of gaming RTX 4050 performs almost 40% better than RTX 3060, in 1440p level of gaming it performs almost 30% better than RTX 3060.

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Image source: Nvidia

As you can see with the DLSS 3 turned on in RTX 4050, how significantly performance changes.

Now If your preference is only gaming then go for RTX 4050 as it offers frame generation support, which will boost fps to smoothen your gaming experience. But if your preference is mainly video editing, designing then go for the RTX 3060 as it has better hardware configuration. Frame generation technology is relatively new, and very few games have introduced this in game. So right now you will not find any key difference in performance in most of the games.

RTX 4050 will perform better in upcoming years with the latest gaming titles if they keep adapting with the frame generation technology. RTX 4050 offers better ray-tracing, it has DLSS 3 support which is very advanced. Also RTX 4050 is more battery efficient.

In any 30 series GPU if you turn on the ray-tracing mode then frame gets dropped by 50+% as it is not well optimized in 30 series GPUs. Whereas with the latest frame generation support and AI algorithms 40 series GPUs offers better Ray-tracing.

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RTX 4050 vs RTX 3060 responsiveness

Nvidia has introduced “NVIDIA reflex” feature which significantly reduces latency and improve responsiveness. So you will get a significant edge over others in competitive scenario. As you can see the below chart that shows how this technology reduces latency

Image source: Nvidia

Gaming Comparison

Here we have taken 16 modern titles to compare RTX 4050 vs RTX 3060 Laptop performance. All the game has been tested on very high to ultra preset & DLSS setting was turned off. GPU has been taken of 140 TGP & 16 GB RAM.

RTX 4050 vs RTX 3060 Laptop

As you can see some of the titles has performed slightly better in RTX 3060 than RTX 4050. This is due to the DLSS setting was not used in this test. If DLSS has been used you could notice all the titles giving at least 40-50% frame boost in RTX 4050, whereas RTX 3060 could only give 20-30% frame boost.

So clearly RTX 4050 came out as the winner.

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Final Verdict

Listen if you are a gamer & will use the laptop only for gaming purpose then clearly go for a RTX 4050 laptop. You can easily play at-least, upcoming 5 year’s titles smoothly. But if you will use the laptop for video editing, rendering, 3d-modelling then go for RTX 3060 due to better hardware configuration.

Now if I have to choose between these 2, I will go with RTX 4050 as it is more future-proof, and also with the upcoming latest driver updates it’ll be more optimized.


As we wrap up our conversation, We have come to the conclusion that both the RTX 4050 and RTX 3060 have their unique strengths. The choice ultimately depends on your specific requirements and budget. Whatever you choose, you’re guaranteed a next level gaming and visual experience.

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  1. Is the RTX 4050 significantly better than the RTX 3060?
    • From our article we can conclude that RTX 4050 is better in terms of software and future proofing whereas RTX 3060 is better in terms of Hardware.
  2. Do these GPUs support ray tracing technology?
    • Yes, both the RTX 4050 and RTX 3060 are equipped with ray tracing technology for enhanced visual realism.
  3. Do RTX 4050 laptops have a significant advantage over RTX 3060 laptops in terms of portability and battery life?
    • Yes RTX 4050 is more power efficient, at the same given power RTX 4050 gives slightly better output.
  4. Can RTX 4050 and RTX 3060 laptops handle VR (Virtual Reality) gaming experiences effectively?
    • Yes, VR capabilities of laptops equipped with these GPUs
  5. Is there a significant price difference between laptops featuring RTX 4050 and RTX 3060?
    • No both RTX 4050 and RTX 3060 laptops are available in the price range of ₹1 Lakh or $1200

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