Best 4k Monitor Under 30000 in India (2024)

So finally you are done with a brand new PC build, now it’s time for an exclusive monitor. Or maybe you are about to upgrade your old monitor. Now 30000 budget is sufficient to add a powerful monitor, to your lineup. Also, you’ll find a lot of different options with their unique use cases. Maybe your priority is gaming, editing, streaming, coding, graphics designing, rendering, or maybe something else. So first you need to identify your priority. Now in this article we’ll discuss about 7 Best 4k Monitor Under 30000 that are currently available in the market.

Best 4k Monitor Under 30000: Things To Consider

Okay, before diving in to our top picks, you need to keep some important things in mind. I mean c’mon you’re investing in the best 4k monitor under 30000rs. You’ve to make sure that you are making the most out of it. First of all we’re discussing about 4K monitors, so forget about any high refresh rate options. In order to get a exclusive viewing experience, you’ve to compromise something. You should at least have HDMI, USB Type C and display port available. Try to go with monitors having eye care feature. stand ergonomic should be easy to use (tilt, height, pivot). Check if there is warranty available with the monitor.

Best 4k Monitor Under 30000: Top Picks

1. Samsung 32-inch LED M7 4K UHD Smart Monitor
Best 4k Monitor Under 30000:  Samsung 32-inch LED M7 4K UHD Smart Monitor
Key Features
  • Display: 32-inch VA panel | 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution | HDR10
  • Refresh Rate: 60Hz
  • Response Time: 4ms
  • Ports: 2x HDMI | 2x USB | USB-C (power delivery & video)
  • Additional Features: SmartThings hub | built-in speakers | Eye Saver Mode

First on the list we’ve got the Samsung LED 4K smart monitor. Well Samsung need no introduction in the display segment. As you know Samsung’s display are always the best. It comes with a huge 32-Inch VA panel with 4K resolution and HDR 10. Well this isn’t all, think it like the brain of your smart home setup, letting you control all the connected devices with SmartThings hub.

It’ll be a great choice for gaming, with dedicated game mode and fast response time. Almost all the users are loving the easy setup and all the connectivity options. Just watch for the brightness, it can struggle in a super sunny/bright room. App features are a bit limited, also you’ll need a adapter for the power plug.

But c’mon, if you want a true smart monitor, that delivers crystal clear picture quality, then this Samsung monitor definitely deserves your attention.

Overall, Samsung M7 LED monitor is a all in one package – smart home hub, streaming device and superb 4K display. Perfect choice for smart homes fans. Brightness issue can be drawback for few, serious gamer may need faster refresh rate

✅Useful feature: smart home hub❌Brightness might be low for sunny rooms
✅Stunning 4K HDR10 visuals❌Limited app selection
✅Dedicated game mode ❌Requires bulky 16A power plug adapter
✅Versatile connection options + USB-C
✅Quick and easy setup process
✅Generally positive reviews from users

2. LG 27-Inch UHD 4K IPS Display Monitor
Best 4k Monitor Under 30000:  LG 27 Inch UHD 4K IPS Display
Key Features
  • Display: 27-inch UHD 4K IPS display | HDR 400 | 99% sRGB
  • Refresh Rate: 60Hz
  • Response Time: 5ms
  • Ports: DisplayPort | 2x HDMI | Headphone Out
  • Additional Features: AMD FreeSync | adjustable stand (height, tilt, pivot) | Flicker-Free

At number 2, we’ve got LG UHD 4K IPS Display Monitor. Well LG is a popular name among all of us. It comes with big 27-inch UHD 4K IPS display. Colors will just pop out with it’s crazy accurate 99% sRGB and HDR 400. Your photos, videos and games will look like, as it is happening just in front of you. Just perfect for editing or chilling.

The AMD FreeSync is here to serve for a tearing free gaming, even though it has a standard 60Hz refresh rate. You’ll love the adjustable stand, in which way- height, tilt, even rotates for portrait mode.

With addition to this, it comes with a Flicker free display to save your eyes, and those on-screen controls to tweak settings comes very handy.

Overall LG 4K monitor is a great option for content creators and casual users, seeking excellent picture quality. It’s not ideal for competitive gamers, due to it’s 60Hz refresh rate. Otherwise a great choice.

✅Excellent picture quality❌No built-in speakers
✅Crisp, detailed 4K output❌Limited viewing angles
✅Easy to set up❌Potential software glitches or blurriness
✅Great value for the price
✅Works seamlessly with various devices
✅Accurate color calibration potential

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3. BenQ 32-Inch LED HDR 4K Monitor
Best 4k Monitor Under 30000:  BenQ 32-Inch LED HDR 4K Bezel-Less Monitor
Key Features
  • Display: 32-inch 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) | HDR display
  • Refresh Rate: 60Hz
  • Response Time: 4ms
  • Ports: 2x HDMI 2.0 | 1x DisplayPort 1.4 | 1x USB-C (charging supported)
  • Additional Features: Eye-care tech | Brightness Intelligence Plus | FreeSync | Built-in speakers

At third no we’ve got BenQ LED HDR 4K Monitor. BenQ is a very popular name in the monitor market, they always comes with good value for money products. It comes with a massive 32-Inch UHD, bezel less display, which delivers a stunning visual expereince with it’s large 4K display + HDR support.

Eye care features like Brightness intelligence plus is a major plus point, reducing eye strain during long sessions. Now it has a refresh rate of 60Hz, so not ideal for gamers. AMD FreeSync is included, so you’ll get a smoother gameplay with an AMD graphics card.

Overall I’d say the BenQ LED HDR 4K monitor offers a solid 4K experience, especially in multimedia and productivity segment. It’s ideal for users who prioritize stunning visuals, eye comfort, and connectivity over high refresh rate for gaming.

✅Good viewing angles❌HDMI doesn’t support adaptive sync
✅Excellent color reproduction + calibration❌Requires a larger desk space
✅Ample screen size for productivity❌Brightness control not ideal for night use
✅USB-C port for connectivity and charging
✅Bright display handles any environment
✅Sturdy and well-built stand

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4. ViewSonic 27-Inch IPS 4K UHD Monitor
Best 4k Monitor Under 30000:  ViewSonic 27-Inch IPS 4K UHD Monitor
Key Features
  • Display: 27-inch IPS panel with 4K resolution | HDR 10
  • Refresh Rate: 75Hz
  • Response Time: 4ms
  • Ports: 1x DisplayPort | 2x HDMI | 1x Audio Out
  • Additional Features: Versatile ergonomics | blue light filter | Flicker-Free | Matte screen

At no 4 on the list we’ve ViewSonic IPS 4K UHD Monitor. It comes with a big 27-Inch IPS panel display with 4k resolution and HDR 10 support. It’s perfect if you want a simple and gorgeous display. The USB Type C eliminates all the messiness of wires, just one cable for video, sound and charging your laptop.

The IPS panel delivers vibrant colors that stay consistent even if you’re looking from an angle. Additionally the HDR 10 gives an extra punch of visual pop. Also it has got eye care features like blue light filter and flicker free display, perfect for long study sessions or gaming nights without killing your eye.

Overall the Viewsonic monitor is a solid value for money. It’s great for productivity, content creation, color accuracy related work and casual gaming. Although competitive gamers should go with a higher refresh rate. Also if you need lots of connectivity, then it might disappoint you.

✅Excellent color accuracy + no backlight bleed❌Limited connectivity (no USB-C)
✅Great build quality and sturdy stand❌Short cables can hinder adjustment
✅Versatile ergonomics ❌Built-in speakers aren’t great
✅Matte screen reduces glare
✅Good for work and content creation
✅Decent for casual gaming

5. LG 27-Inch 4K-UHD VESA Display Monitor
Best 4k Monitor Under 30000:  LG 27-Inch 4K-UHD VESA Display Monitor
Key features
  • Display: 27-inch 4K-UHD | IPS panel | HDR 400
  • Refresh Rate: 60Hz
  • Response Time: 5ms
  • Ports: 2x HDMI | DisplayPort | Headphone Out
  • Additional Features: FreeSync | On-Screen Control | Tilt/Height/Pivot stand | Flicker-free

At number 5 we have LG UHD 4K monitor. You all know LG right? they never disappoint, This one is also a very promising product. It comes with a big 27-Inch UHDIPS panel display, with the HDR 400 support. It’s perfect for editing videos, photos or just chilling with some netflix. Although HDR 400 may not be a deal breaker, it’ll still add a bit more pop to your visuals.

Well the AMD FreeSync is just a sweet touch for for smoother visuals. Overall you can call this monitor an all-rounder. It’s perfect for media, productivity and light gaming. But don’t go with it if you prioritize high-refresh rates. This can be a great choice if you’re looking for a sharp and versatile display with solid ergonomics.

Overall, this LG monitor is a solid all rounder for those searching for a sharp 4K upgrade. Great choice for media, productivity and some casual gaming. Not ideal for serious gamers, seeking high-refresh rates or mind-blowing HDR.

✅Great colors and sharp 4K❌Stand doesn’t swivel
✅Sturdy build with adjustable stand❌HDR 400 not very impressive
✅Very bright panel for any room❌Bulky external power adapter
✅Easy on-screen control software
✅Minimal backlight bleed for IPS
✅Good overall value for the price

6. Samsung 32-inch 4K UHD Curved Monitor
Best 4k Monitor Under 30000:  Samsung 32-inch 4K UHD Curved Monitor
Key Features
  • Display: 32-inch curved 4K UHD | VA panel
  • Refresh Rate: 60Hz
  • Response Time: 4ms
  • Ports: 2x HDMI | 1x DisplayPort
  • Additional Features: Picture-by-Picture (PBP) | upscaling technology

At no 6 we’ve got another Samsung monitor in the list. One thing I can tell for sure that, if you’re going with Samsung monitors, you’ll have a great visual experience. It has a massive 32-Inch UHD Curved display. The 4K curved display is perfect for someone, who prioritizes immersion and details. Just imagine the experience of content creation, movies, or just enjoying beautiful game worlds.

Colors are very rich, deep blacks, and Samsung’s upscaling tech even makes lower resolution visuals look good. The build quality is decent, and consists a slim-sleek modern design.

Additionally the PBP(Picture by picture) mode lets you use two devices at once, great for productivity or keeping guides handy.

Overall this monitor offers a solid image quality and an immersive curved viewing experience at a affordable price. It’s mostly ideal for content creators, music lovers, and casual gamers, who prioritize rich visuals, over lightning fast responses.

✅Great value for money❌Software glitches with settings
✅Excellent picture quality❌Limited viewing angles
✅High contrast for clear text❌Large size for productivity
✅Immersive curved design
✅Useful PIP/PBP feature
✅Upscaling improves lower-res content

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7. Lenovo 31.5-Inch 4K UHD Monitor
Best 4k Monitor Under 30000:  Lenovo 31.5-Inch 4K UHD Monitor
Key Features
  • Display: 31.5-inch 4K UHD | IPS panel
  • Refresh Rate: 60Hz
  • Response Time: 4ms
  • Ports: USB-C with power delivery | HDMI | DisplayPort | USB Hub | Audio Out
  • Additional Features: Eye-care technology | built-in speakers | adjustable stand

At last but not least, we’ve got Lenovo 4K UHD Monitor. Honestly, if you’re looking for a big, sharp workspace, this one is a great choice. It comes with a huge 31.5-Inch of 4K UHD display, perfect for editing, coding or just having a lots of windows open. Colors look absolutely punchy, ideal for creating lot of stuffs.

It’s got the important USB Type-C port, so that you can hook up your laptop with one cable and charge it at the same time. Also extra USB ports are there to connect your mouse and keyboard.

Now just keep in mind, it’s not super fast gaming monitor, and the in-built speaker is not that good. But a great value for money for getting the big, beautiful 4K experience.

Overall, this Lenovo monitor is an ideal choice for people, seeking a large 4K workspace, for productivity or creative tasks. Students, coders, designers and editors will love the size and color accuracy. I wouldn’t recommend to competitive gamers, seeking for high refresh rates.

✅Large screen, sharp 4K display❌Speakers aren’t the best
✅Great colors for content creation❌Some backlight bleed possible
✅Versatile USB-C connectivity❌OSD (on-screen display) could be better
✅USB hub for expanded connectivity
✅Solid build quality and versatile stand
✅Good value for the price


Here I’ve shown 7 best 4k monitor under 30000rs, that are currently available in the market. I’ve tried to highlight main features of every monitors. Some additional things, you should keep in mind. Before purchasing one, be sure to read reviews, check warranties. Also check if the brand’s service center is available in your city, in case you need any repair. If you’ve any query, you can ask me in the comment. Make sure to follow us on social media, for more interesting articles.


  1. What are the essential features to look for in a budget 4K monitor?
    • Prioritize screen size, panel type (IPS for good colors), color accuracy, and connectivity options (like USB-C) over super-high refresh rates meant for gaming.
  2. Is a 4K monitor worth it if I don’t have a powerful graphics card?
    • Yes! 4K is great for productivity, crisper text, and more detailed media experience even without focusing on gaming.
  3. Can I connect a 4K monitor to my laptop?
    • Check if your laptop has a DisplayPort or ideally a USB-C port with DisplayPort support. These can handle the 4K signal.
  4. Are there any downsides to budget 4K monitors?
    • Expect compromises on features like high refresh rates, perfect color calibration, and HDR capabilities, typically found in more expensive models.
  5. What are the best brands for 4K monitors under 30000?
    • Look at brands like LG, BenQ, Samsung, Lenovo, and Acer – read the full article for detailed info.

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